Lake Chelan Brewery


Our Brews

Using our local glacier fed water we create diverse craft beer
that can satisfy the curiosity of any beer drinker.

On-site brewery tours starting this Spring!

Your expected red hue with balanced hops and a toasty, malty body.
The Mackinaw is a full flavored ale inspired by the enormous lake trout that live in Lake Chelan.

A smooth IPA that is well balanced in bitterness with a hint of citric and herbal hops.
This malty, bitter beverage was named after a trail to Stormy Mountain.

An easy, light bodied wheat beer.
Capture the subdued fruitiness with an orange or lemon slice.

Lake Chelan Brewery’s proud twist on an Irish Stout.
This dark, bold beer has the character of an Irish Stout and packs a punch
with its high alcohol content.

The lager has a grapefruit hit to it, brewed with the desired Citra hop.


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